Drug Effectiveness Research

Identify and quantify the variables in establishing the effectiveness of your new asthma or COPD inhaler drug delivered via an MDI. CapMedic can verify actual use while measuring many detailed parameters for every puff. Turn that never-before-measured data into an engine for innovation.  


Clinical Care Research

Is your program working for your patients? Establish new standards of care with deep insights from CapMedic data, which can open new avenues for optimizing care for asthma and COPD patients.


Incentives Research

To implement incentive programs, being able to verify usage is critical. CapMedic can verify patient's actual usage, including regularity of usage and correctness of usage. Develop new incentive programs with these new data.



Fully Deployable

  • Works with all MDIs
  • Completely automatic operation
  • No recharging until the MDI is replaced

Research Ready App+Hub

  • Connects to the cloud and uploads data in real-time
  • Features can be turned on or off from cloud
  • Low-cost standalone hub with data connectivity

Secure Cloud Portal

  • HIPAA enabled
  • Monitor participants remotely
  • Detect dropouts and enable fast intervention