CapMedic is simple to use.

Put it on and follow the simple instructions.

The small design houses a powerful coach that provides a customizable mix of voice, visual and haptic coaching.  The coaching is just-in-time, and guides you through the most important steps in using your MDI.

The MDI with the small CapMedic on top fits in your pocket. CapMedic contains an amazing set of patent-protected technologies, providing deep insights into your inhaler use like never before. Learn more




Caregivers, whether family or physicians, can help people needing care with Asthma or COPD treatments. CapMedic automatically captures the data, provides insightful summaries and suggests changes, all privately and safely. Learn More →



Clinical researchers, working on new inhaler drugs or new clinical methods, can leverage detailed CapMedic sensor reports to understand actual patient usage. CapMedic is a breakthrough inhaler attachment that measures more detailed information about inhaler use than has ever been possible before.  Learn More →