CapMedic Leverages Highly Innovative Inhaler Sensor Technology




CapMedic Leverages Highly Innovative Inhaler Sensor Technology





CapMedic sensors quietly record every detail of your inhaler use, to help you understand your usage and provide suggestions for improvements when needed. Compact but powerful sensor electronics are at the heart of CapMedic, measuring the following:

  1. Accurate air-flow: Breathing flow is the most important parameter during inhaler use. It determines the amount of inhaled medication.
  2. Timing of inhaler press: The advanced touch sensor detects when the inhaler is in use, and then automatically records the inhaler press.
  3. Orientation: Advanced MEMs sensors detect inhaler shaking, and the direction and orientation during the use.
  4. Timer: The timer logs the length of use and helps create a timeline of medication intake.




A smart recommendation engine makes CapMedic a personal butler. It nudges patients gently at the right time to avoid making mistakes, maximizing the efficacy of the dosage. CapMedic incorporates four types of feedback mechanisms. Each mechanism can be turned on or off with a smartphone app for a personalized and discrete use.

  1. Auditory feedback: An auditory message reminds the user to shake the inhaler first (a critical but easily forgotten step), to wait between dosages, and to hold the breath after taking a dose. These simple reminders can significantly improve the medication deposition.

  2. Haptic feedback: Haptic feedback can provide the same reminders as the auditory feedback but in a discrete fashion. CapMedic gives distinct gentle vibrations, just like smartphones. One of the major difficulties users face is coordinating the inhaler press with breath inhalation. If done incorrectly, the medication stays in the mouth-throat area, leading to sub-optimum medication delivery and increased side-effects. CapMedic’s haptic feedback prompts the user to press the inhaler at the right time, easing the burden for the user.

  3. Visual feedback: Don’t like your inhaler talking or vibrating? No worries. An optional, LED-based visual feedback system can remind users to take the correct steps, much like the auditory or haptic feedback.

  4. Smart App: A secure smartphone based app keeps track of everything, reminds the user of the most frequent mistakes they have made, and makes suggestions about how to correct the mistakes. The app also includes video tutorials for you to reviewing the correct method. An in-built diary integrates other health and environment metrics to build a comprehensive picture of personal respiratory health. 



CapMedic's reminder feature helps patients take medication regularly and at the right time. Our smartphone app and the cap can both notify the patients when it's the time to take a dosage, and the feature can be conveniently customized or turned on/off as required. Combined with recommendations on technique, CapMedic can be a powerful tool to improve both adherence and competence in using inhalers. 





If you are a caretaker, your loved one’s health sometimes becomes your biggest concern. CapMedic does not only help the user take medication correctly but also keeps the healthcare provider or caretaker informed about regular usage. A comprehensive HIPAA-compliant portal provides easily understood usage information, generates reports, and alerts the caretaker/provider when a significant change in the adherence and/or the technique has occurred. 



Physical Dimensions

Dimensions and picture: CapMedic is small and easily fits into a pocket while attached to the MDI. It weighs only 20 gm and increases the height of the inhaler by less than 1/8th of an inch.

Reusable Design

Battery life: CapMedic has excellent battery life, needing a recharge when the MDI is replaced (after 200 doses).